Guided Meditation to Prepare for Ramadan

Through mindfulness and meditation, and through presence and be-ing, we deepen and strengthen our connection with the Divine Presence of God, Who is utterly and absolutely Transcendent, and yet is also concurrently Imminent.

Join us in a guided meditation session in which we affirm the Oneness of God, Truth and Reality, and as we learn to release and let go the worries and concerns of the world so as to deepen our state and connection with the Divine Presence of the Eternal.

Join us in a Guided Meditation to Connect with the Presence of the Eternal.

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2 Comments on “Guided Meditation to Prepare for Ramadan”

  1. Salamualaikum Bro Ihsan,
    Is this meditation class part of the meditation class I signed up for?
    Thank you for your reminder and support in this important self discovery journey.


    1. Blessed salaams dear Peju. This session is part of the Awakenings Academy Group Coaching Program, which is a monthly membership in which we engage in live training weekly as well as release new material and courses first to members.

      If you feel a strong resonance with this work and would like to participate more closely with a dedicated group of like-minded hearts and souls, I encourage you to join us therein.

      To your divine and eternal success.

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