How Courage Can Free You from Fear

Awakenings Academy Group Coaching : How to Transcend the Root of All Fear

It is only be facing our fears that we can transcend them, for by constantly seeking to escape our fears, we in fact give them more power, energy and reality.

The light of consciousness is such that when we learn to simply look at that which we fear and allow it to dissolve, it will naturally lose its power over us, and thus through courage we move towards freedom.

The ultimate root of all fear is the fear of death, and by facing this fear rather than running from it, as we have been advised and taught to do so by the Prophet ﷺ and by the People of Knowledge, we can not only learn how to live life free of fear, but we can truly experience life itself, liberated from the fog of fear.

Also, by realizing that we only truly have this day and this moment, we can learn to live life from a place of presence, awe, wonder and gratitude, and so increasingly connect with our Lord and Sustainer.

In this Group Coaching Call as part of the Awakenings Academy Group Coaching Program, you will learn about the power of the present day, the illusion of time, the value in remembering death, how to experience freedom and liberation through courage, the secret of they “upon whom is the favor and grace of God,” and much more.

Learn more in How to Transcend the Root of all Fear.

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