Learn How to Transcend Level 1 State Consciousness

Eternal Warrior Way Program : Overcoming the Gut

Gut-level consciousness, or Level 1 State Consciousness, is the first stage that must be overcome and transcended in jihad an-nafs, the holy and sacred struggle against the self towards attaining the pleasure and the presence of God Almighty.

By learning how to discipline the lower desires of the self particularly with regards to hunger, thirst and procreation, we learn to bring the self into a state of submission, and so become capable of truly serving Allah Almighty as an honored deputy of the divine, or khalifah of the Lord of Heavens and Earth.

When the appetite of the lower self is left undisciplined and unrestrained, the self grows wild and leads to evil, darkness, tyranny, oppression and abuse. Yet when the self is disciplined with excellence, purity, and good and noble intention based in the remembrance of God, worldly experiences become the means to the Divine Presence and the pleasure of God rather than ends in themselves and thus veils over the heart.

In this training video as part of the Eternal Warrior Way training program, you will learn how to recognize, manage, purify and bless the consumption of the lower self, and how to progressively serve the Will of the Divine towards transcendence and the attainment of greater levels of clarity, prescience, illumination and enlightenment.

Learn more in Overcoming the Gut.

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