Rejuvenation of the Soul: Hajj and the Journey Home, Part 01

We now begin the second portion of Rejuvenation of the Soul with Hajj and the Journey Home, which is focused on the sacred and eternal journey Home to the Divine Presence of our Source and Creator, Allah Almighty.

In Part 01 of this section, we discuss the deeper dimension of the Hajj and how it is an experience and practice not just once in a lifetime, but an intention, practice and experience we are to embark upon daily in every action and endeavor.

In this session, we learn about the importance of dying to the past and what was so as to be able to be reborn in the light of the presence, free and unencumbered. Also covered are the great importance of tawbah (repentance), niyah (intention), tawwajuh (directing oneself), hijrah (migration), barakah (blessings) and much more.

Now, together, we consciously turn towards our Lord, away from our selves and the attachments of the world, humbly seeking His eternal and divine pleasure and Presence.

Learn more in Hajj and the Journey Home: Part 01.

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