Spiritual Asceticism and Purity on the Journey Home

In Part 3 of Hajj and the Journey Home as part of the Rejuvenation of the Soul course, we continue to expand on purification which is the second station and pillar of the path Home to the Divine Presence of God, and we also begin discussing fasting, which is the fourth station in the journey to the Divine Presence.

Integral to both purification and fasting are the principle of zuhd, or spiritual asceticism which means maintaining balance by taking and consuming only what is necessary and avoiding excess, indulgence and extravagance.

In this session, you will learn about the secret of developing true strength and connecting to power, the wise choice of turning towards God and the Hereafter by turning away from the lower desires of the self and the world, the importance of a whole and complete path based in both discipline and spirituality, the believer’s desire to seek above all the pleasure of God, the grave danger of sensuality at the expense of spirituality, proper etiquette and conduct upon the path and in the Presence of God, and much more.

Learn more in Hajj and the Journey Home: Part 03.

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