Spirituality Requires Balance

When seeking to develop spiritually and cultivate sincerity, compassion, light and beauty, it is easy to slip into the error of being too open and vulnerable, and thereby absorbing negativity from others.

However, by remembering the Qur’anic guidance [5:54, 48:29] to be soft in the presence of belief and positivity yet firm in the presence of unbelief and negativity, you can develop the strength to sustain yourself.

Furthermore, it is important to make the distinction between the light and energy of Islam beyond its mere label and identity, and realize that we live in a day and age in which identification with Islam does not necessarily result in the excellence, light and beauty that the sacred path of the Prophet ﷺ calls for.

Learn how to balance yourself between softness and firmness in this week’s Group Coaching CallThe Balance of the Believer.

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