The Conclusion of Rejuvenation of the Soul

In this final concluding session of Rejuvenation of the Soul, we briefly review the seven blessed characteristics that dress the heart of faith, and also discuss the seven qualities and characteristics that result from a lack of faith.

When the heart is immersed in the light and love of Truth, it is blessed with attraction towards that which is transcendent, real and true. Yet when the heart is devoid of faith, it increasingly becomes attracted towards that which is dark and dense.

In this session, you will learn about the great importance of transcending the self and the world towards attaining unity, light and love, and thus the pleasure of God. Additional topics discussed are the three types of hearts, the inversion of the last age, the prism of the world and how it fractures pure white light, the oneness of creation and of the Ummah, and much more.

By learning how to make faith real, not only do we attain to God’s divine pleasure in eternity, but we also experience greater levels of peace, happiness and security in this life.

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