The Greatness of the Pleasure of God

We continue Rejuvenation of the Soul in Part 2 of Hajj and the Journey Home. In this session, we continue with the second station and pillar of the journey home, salah, and begin discussing the third station, purification.

While most seek the pleasure of the self, the believer is he or she who seeks the divine pleasure of God, known as ridwaan. We learn that by dedicating ourselves in the remembrance of God (dhikr) in this world, we attain to everlasting existence, true life and the pleasure of God in the next.

Additional topics covered include the two oceans of experience, rising above the ocean of dunya by affirming the greatness of God (Allahu Akbar), the relationship between purification and peace, the necessity of disciplining and controlling consumption, the importance of seeking pure sustenance, the purity of blood and the inclination towards good and evil, and much more.

Learn more in Hajj and the Journey Home: Part 02.

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