The Human Heart

In Chapter 6 of Rejuvenation of the Soul, Imam Fode continues to expand on the unique nature of the human heart and its capacity to carry the divine trust, al-amanah, granted to creation by Allah Almighty.

In this session, we learn of the relationship between trust, faith and love, and that through complete and total reliance, surrender, trust, submission and love to the Lord of Heavens and Earth, we as individuals and as a community can attract the support and grace necessary for success.

We also are reminded that love is the fuel, light and power that sustains our growth and practice, and how to best cultivate true and transcendent love of that which is eternal by keeping company with they whose hearts are not attached to anything in the temporal world, but rather who are fully present in love with the transcendent Presence of God.

Learn more in Chapter 6: The Human Heart.

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