The Preeminence of Adab in the Presence of God

In Part 5 of Hajj and the Journey Home as part of the Rejuvenation of the Soul course, we focus on the importance of adaband how developing excellence in character and conduct is essential towards rising to the Divine Presence of God.

In this session, we discuss the importance of remembering death, the relationship between mortality and humility, how life and spiritual development necessitate the development of taqwa, the role of a teacher and of the Prophet ﷺ in the tarbiyya(training) of the seeker, the importance of tawba so as to prevent unnecessary slippage in your progress and ascent, how the essence of al-Islam is based in the cultivation of excellence at all times, the importance of one’s behavior when alone and with one’s close relatives and kin, and much more.

Learn more in Hajj and the Journey Home: Part 05.

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