The Trustee and the Trust

In Chapter 8 of Rejuvenation of the Soul, we develop our understanding of what it means to be a trustee of God, and how this relates to a human being’s role in creation as a khalifah, or Deputy of the Divine.

We learn that the Universe is alive, and that we are connected to it through our breath. It is the hollow cavity within the human being that enables he or she to carry the Holy Spirit and Sacred Breath of God, and by expanding our capacity for breath, we develop our ability to serve the Divine through inspiration.

In the sacred path of emptying and purifying the self known as Jihad al-Akbar, we enable light and spirit to flow through us and thereby support, strengthen and guide us. This also is the key to shifting into a positive perspective and mindset that is in alignment with the Will of the Divine.

By bringing breath into our actions and being, we bring life and spirit into all that we do, and only thus does worship become real. Pain is quite simply Life seeking to empty us of attachment, and by resisting pain, we perpetuate and increase it. Yet by surrendering to pain, we begin to heal and transcend it.

Again, the key to spiritual progress and sincerely carrying out our mandate and mission as deputies of the Divine is the ability to empty ourselves of our very selves. This then is the path to true freedom, happiness, peace and success.

Learn more in Chapter 8: The Trustee and the Trust.

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