To Have, You Must Learn to Let Go

Paradoxically, attachment, which is not to be confused with love, actually repels rather than attracts, and in order to truly succeed, we must learn to transcend.

In The Power of Non-Attachment as part of the Mastering the Law of Attraction course, you will learn about the divine power of surrender, non-attachment and true love, and how you become most attractive when you are in a state of wholeness, completeness and in-dependence.

Non-attachment is an extremely important principle to learn, understand and operate from, for if we do not learn the sacred art of surrender and transcendence, we will continually function through force, which is the result of need and dependence, and so not only never experience true love and freedom, but also continually push away the very things we seek, and that the Universe seeks to give to us.

By learning to distinguish between love and attachment, we progressively become selfless, and thus come to know our true selves as honored and sacred deputies of the Divine.

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