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It’s been a busy few weeks and we’ve been hard at work to continually improve the backend of the Spiritual Excellence Member Portal. There have been several updates which I wanted to briefly mention to help keep everyone current.

Awakenings Academy

With great joy, we’ve recently launched Awakenings Academy and are now entering our third week in the program, focusing primarily on the course, Mastering the Law of Attraction. I want to thank everyone who has joined us as we strive to make this the best leading-edge online resource for personal growth and spiritual development.

Please note that participating in the Group Coaching Live Training Calls are a valuable part of the program, and if you are unable to attend and join us live, the recordings are always available and usually posted within 24 hours.

Mastering the Law of Attraction

The second training module, The Power of Responsibility, has been posted and is now available. In this video, you will learn about the freedom and empowerment that result from truly and fully embracing personal responsibility and taking total ownership of your results.

Only when we take complete responsibility for our lives and change ourselves will our circumstances change.

Islamic Meditation Program

This week we will be posting the fifth training module in which we will further dive into the path and practice of cultivating a state of presence and connectedness with the Transcendent Presence of God. By remaining rooted and anchored, you will have the ability to bring into your life and circumstances light and grace from the Divine Presence, and thus healing and awakening. This module is scheduled to be published this Thursday.

Additional Updates Coming

There is much more on the way, with the grace and will of God Almighty. Stay tuned!

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    1. Salaam Sonny, we will be opening enrollment for Awakenings Academy again in the future, however specifics are not yet set. I will send you an email with more information. Blessed regards.

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