Your Beliefs Create Your Reality

The Power of Belief is now available as part of the Mastering the Law of Attraction course and program.

In this training module, we learn about the utter importance of awakening the light of faith in the heart and developing iman by shifting from mind, thought and ego-based consciousness rooted in the world to heart and soul-based consciousness deeply connected to the Divine Presence of God.

Like anything, faith must be tested to grow, expand and strengthen, and through the sacred path of surrender, we develop the heart’s capacity to carry the light and love of true belief.

As the consciousness, power and strength of your heart awakens, so too does the light of faith in your soul.

Furthermore, by the will of Allah Almighty, the Universe is continually reflecting to us our subtle subconscious beliefs, and by becoming increasingly aware, we awaken to the possibility of change while there is still time and opportunity to do so.

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