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Your patronage allows us to continue creating valuable, necessary and quality resources for our community and the world while providing an entirely ad-free experience across all platforms.

Additionally, with your sustained support and with the grace of God, we will continue to evolve and launch new and necessary projects to continue serve you and others.

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In addition to supporting us in the creation of essential leading-edge content including both free and affordable resources, you will have access to member only benefits and bonuses that include exclusive downloads, priority enrollment in and VIP discounts on new courses, programs and live events, and more as our way of thanking you for your support and patronage.

Most importantly, by becoming a patron, you are supporting this vital and valuable work of da'wah in calling towards goodness, light, eternity and true success.

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In the Name of God, the Most Merciful, the Most Compassionate.

Emil Ihsan-Alexander TorabiThank you for your interest in the Spiritual Excellence Patron Program, an opportunity for you to support the ongoing creation of leading-edge, necessary and relevant content, as well giving us the opportunity to provide you with an exclusive member experience.

Only by coming together and supporting with our love and with our energy can we hope to make a real difference in the world. Just as the noble Prophet ﷺ called upon believers to support the cause and the mission towards awakening and enlightenment to the best of their abilities, so too do we now call upon you to support us in following in his footsteps and calling humanity to truth, light and excellence.

I sincerely hope you will join us and enable us to continue to support you with additional exclusive content and member bonuses so that you can increasingly awaken to greater levels of spirituality and success, progressively realizing your divine purpose on this planet as a noble and honored deputy of the Divine.

For additional information about the Spiritual Excellence Patron Program, feel free to read further below.

I look forward to connecting with you via our exclusive member site and resources.

To your divine and eternal success.


“And as for they who give and who are mindful, and who believe sincerely in goodness, We will ease them towards ease.”

Surah al-Layl [92:5-7]


The Spiritual Excellence Patron Program provides you an opportunity to support us in continuing to create relevant, necessary and leading-edge content, as well as allowing us to provide you access to exclusive member only resources to support you in your path of personal growth, spiritual development and awakening to greater levels of success, happiness and divine purpose.

Currently Available Leading-Edge Resources

As a patron, your support enable us to continue creating quality and relevant content, including the following resources to help you and others rediscover the light and beauty of the spiritual path while progressively realizing greater levels of health, happiness and success.

 Soul of Islam Radio
 YouTube Channel
 Blog and Member Site
 Spiritual Excellence Newsletter

As you may imagine, it takes an enormous amount of time and energy to create for and maintain these resources and platforms, and even more to do so with excellence.

An significant amount of work goes into production, including but not limited to writing, recording, editing, researching, technical maintenance, website development, graphic design, responding to email, social media and so on. Currently, this is all done by Ihsan personally.

All of these projects deserve to be maintained, evolved and to reach even more people, yet it will be impossible to do so without your sincere and selfless support and patronage.

In addition to the above free resources, your patronage allows us to continue to create low-priced and leading-edge educational courses, programs, workshops and retreats, as well as to provide additional discounts via subsidized tuition options for those within our community with limited resources and who are in need.

IHYA Foundation: Stage 01


Patron Support Required: $5000

Current Contributions: <$500 (Updated April 2019)

We are currently in Stage 01 of development and acquiring the resources we need to truly develop this platform and these resources as they deserve.

Although we have just recently launched the Patron Program, we are confident that with God's divine grace and your help we will reach the necessary goal that will enable us to move forward sustainably.

Our goals at Stage 01 include the following:

 Relaunch Soul of Islam Radio
 Maintain and Evolve Current Resources
 Provide More Quality Content via YouTube
 Cover the Costs of a Professional Recording Studio and Equipment
 Begin to Hire Specialized Staff

In Stage 01, we intend to relaunch Soul of Islam Radio with new episodes in beginning in the blessed month of Ramadan, and to take this vital resource its next stage of evolution as a premier, free and globally accessible podcast for those who are seeking to deepen their knowledge of the spiritual path and awaken their inherent divine potential.

Each professionally produced episode requires research, writing, recording, editing and publishing, in addition to sharing and marketing. This process currently takes about two days of work, and out of a workweek of six days, that amounts to about one-third of productive and creative time and energy.

Also, in Stage 01 we intend to increase production of quality free video content via YouTube for the benefit of the audience that is tuned in to this global platform.

Additionally, to help evolve these platforms with more innovative and professionally produced content, it is essential for us to procure a professional space and equipment for recording and production.

At the moment, for the most part, the entire Spiritual Excellence Platform is managed and maintained by Ihsan alone. Yet to develop and evolve further, to bring even more leading-edge content to the world, and to grow and reach more people, we need your help to be able to hire a few key individuals to help us get there.

In order to fund this project sustainably and step towards growth, we require at least $5000 in patron support per month.

Your contribution can and does make a difference, and with your help, we can bring a new and necessary vision to the world.

If we have been able to get this far with fundamentally just one person, imagine what we can accomplish with a few more technically skilled and passionate individuals.

Your Support Is Key

As God has willed, your support is key in helping us to realize far greater goals including a professional recording studio to create even greater quality and leading-edge content, a full-time retreat and training center to provide live and ongoing educational programs and immersive experiences, the hiring of staff to grow as an organization and amplify our ability to create change, and much more.

If you value this work, this mission and this vision, please join us as a Spiritual Excellence Patron and support us in continuing to support you, your loved ones, our community and the world.

To thank you for your support, in addition to continuing to create necessary and leading-edge content, we will continue to do our best to provide a premier member experience via the Spiritual Excellence Member Portal, reward you with priority access and VIP discounts on tuition for all new courses and events, exclusive bonus content available only to patrons, and more as we develop our capacity with your help.

I humbly and sincerely thank you for considering joining us as a Spiritual Excellence Patron with the option to select your own level of contribution. Simply click on the link below and you will be redirected to a secure checkout page to complete your order. You can modify your level of contribution or cancel at any time.

Jazakullah khairun, may Allah Almighty bless, reward, support and sustain you and your loved ones.

Join the Tribe and Become a Patron

For the Spiritual Excellence Patron Program, please select the monthly option.

Truly dawah involves much sacrifice, struggle and sincerity. Alhamdulillah, if we are on this platform then it is because we have in some way benefitted from brother Ihsan's work either through a paid program or the free content available online.

I know personally that it was brother Ihsan's videos that gave me what I was so desperately seeking for when I hit one of the most darkest times in my life. Had it not been for the content he has put out online feesabillilah, I would surely have been lost.

The value of brothers Ihsan's work is immense and it truly is a source of light and guidance in the the dark times in which we live in. We should all make an effort by becoming a patron for Spiritual Excellence and Soul of Islam Radio as it is one way of also being including in the share of the reward of those that will benefit from this material now and in the years to come even when we are no longer here.

A small contribution may not be a big deal to your bank balance, but it can make a great impact to da'wah and benefitting humanity.

Sayyida (United Kingdom)

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