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The Ramadan Success Program

For the believer, the sacred month of Ramadan provides arguably the most valuable opportunity for personal growth and spiritual development throughout the entire year.

Unfortunately, we often do not take full advantage of this unique and special period for physical healing and spiritual purification. Sadly, when we don’t honor the fast of Ramadan with excellence, we miss the profound physical, mental, emotional and spiritual benefits available during the holy month of Ramadan for true happiness and success.

Yet when Ramadan is properly honored and observed, you can become stronger, healthier and clearer physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. The blessed and noble month of Ramadan is not a time to endure, but in reality it is an utterly blessed time to enjoy and take full advantage of.

With the RAMADAN SUCCESS PROGRAM, you will have the opportunity to experience Ramadan as it is meant to be experienced: joyous, blessed and prosperous. You will become purified, stronger and healthier in every way, and you will be able to make exponential and dynamic progress in your personal spiritual path. Also, you will be able to develop your relationship with God Almighty in a way and time otherwise not possible.

The Ramadan Success Program is a comprehensive course specifically designed to support and strengthen you during the holy and sacred month of Ramadan.

The course consists of 8 training modules, as well as several key bonuses, to guide you in getting the most benefit in this blessed and noble month. Of paramount importance is that the Ramadan Success Program consists of lessons devoted to both the inner and the outer dimensions of fasting.

Only by mastering both dimensions of fasting can we truly succeed in Holy Ramadan, and insha’llah ta’ala, with the grace, light and will of Allah Almighty, meet Laylatul Qadr, the Night of Power and Destiny, with our bodies, hearts and minds prepared to received its unique and incomparable blessings.

This one night carries such power as to be more valuable than 1000 months. That is literally an entire lifetime. Very goal of this program to prepare for and perfect ourselves that we receive its unique gift.

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“There are many who get nothing from their fasting but hunger and thirst.”

— Prophet Muhammad ﷺ

The Two Dimensions of Fasting

There are two dimensions to fasting: the physical and the spiritual. If we do not include and honor the internal dimension of fasting in our observance of Ramadan, we will, sadly, be of they whom the Prophet ﷺ said, “There are many who get nothing from their fasting but hunger and thirst.”

In addition to abstaining from food, drink and marital relations during the daylight hours, Ramadan gives us an unprecedented opportunity to fast from that which truly keeps us far from the Divine Presence of Allah Almighty.

The real and essential goal of Islam is to bring the self into true and complete submission and surrender, and just as we must learn to discipline the body, we must also use this sacred and special month to discipline the mind.

This means that we must in this holy time, together, fast from all negative and non-conducive thoughts, emotions and actions. These base drives include anger, fear, lust, greed and the like, which internally veil us and our hearts from the Divine Presence of the Eternal, Allah Almighty.

And so, we have created the Ramadan Success Program, a month long course in making this the absolute best and most successful Ramadan you have ever experienced.

Course Outline

The Ramadan Success Program consists of two sections that address both the external and the internal dimensions of fasting.

Through this program, will have the opportunity to master, perfect and excel in your fast with the knowledge, information and support necessary to truly take your religion and your spiritual path to the next level.

Part 1: The Outer Dimension of Fasting

The first part of the Ramadan Success Program contains vital training modules to help you master the physical dimension of fasting and in the process become healthier, stronger, clearer and more purified than ever before.


Module 1: The Importance of Vital Nutrition

While the noble goal of holy Ramadan is the purification of the mind, body and spirit, we often eat rich and unhealthy foods that compromise our ability to detox during this sacred month.

When we eat improperly, we can actually become weaker and more ill through fasting, and unfortunately can negate the unique beneficial possibilities present with fasting and self-purification.

In this training module, you will learn the optimum way to eat so maximize your energy while supporting the radical detoxification that is meant to occur during the noble month of fasting.


Module 2: The Importance of Exercise and Physical Activity

It is all too easy to become lazy and lethargic during Ramadan, and in addition to a busy schedule, utterly fail to get adequate physical activity.

Yet our bodies are meant for physical work and movement, and failing to do so for an entire month has many deleterious effects including the slowing and stagnation of your metabolism, the weakening of your structure, limbs, tissues and organs, compromising the detoxification process, and more.

In this training module, you’ll learn the most effective forms of exercise and activity and how you can integrate these into your daily routine to truly maximize the purification process, and with the grace of God emerge from holy Ramadan stronger, healthier and clearer than ever before.


Module 3: The Importance of Moderation

One of the greatest challenges after an entire day of fasting is eating in moderation. Yet when we overeat, we not only negate the benefits of fasting, but unduly tax our digestive system and organs beyond their capacity.

In this training module, you’ll learn key strategies to maintaining healthy portions and maximizing the detoxification and healing benefits of Ramadan.


Module 4: The Importance of Rest

The holy month of Ramadan can present, particularly in the summer months when the days are longer, an intense schedule during which we may find ourselves with inadequate rest and recovery.

In this training module, you will learn how to ensure your body gets adequate rest and recovery to support the healing and detoxification process by taking advantage of simple hacks throughout the day, and how to best prepare for proper rest at night.

Part 2: The Inner Dimension of Fasting

This section of the Ramadan Success Program contains key and vital training modules that will help you master the spiritual dimension of fasting so as to get maximum benefit and grace from holy Ramadan.


Module 5: How to Fast from Anger

Not only is anger a problem that threatens to render null our good intentions and actions in our lives under normal circumstances, it becomes particularly a problem during the sacred month of fasting during which the self is more prone to lashing out due to the added stress of hunger and thirst.

In this training module, you will learn how to manage emotional outbursts before they fully manifest, and in the process, experience the greatest growth and awakening in the development of your relationship with your Lord and Sustainer.


Module 6: How to Fast from Fear

Fear is yet another pervasive problem in our lives, yet during the holy and sacred month of Ramadan, we have a unique opportunity to transcend fear and learn to truly trust and rely upon Allah Almighty.

In this training module, you will learn how to strengthen and develop your connection to your Creator so that you can progressively leave fear, stress, anxiety and worry forever behind.


Module 7: How to Fast from Desire

By His holy and divine Will, Allah Almighty created us such that we have physical needs and drives. Yet if these drives are not mastered through al-Islam, they can quickly lead to our ruin and self-destruction.

In this training module, you will learn how to manage basic physical drives so that you increasingly desire that which is halal, permissible and blessed, and that which is haram becomes increasingly distasteful and undesirable.


Module 8: How to Fast from Mind

There are two aspects to the self, the ego, that which veils us from the Divine Presence and Grace of God. One is the body, the other is the mind.

In this training module, you will learn how to truly transcend the self, to leave the ego behind, and begin awakening to the imminent Divine Presence of Allah Almighty.

Only by learning how to transcend thinking and shifting from mind-based consciousness to heart-based consciousness can you not only truly discover who you are, but also come to know your Lord.

“Ramadan is the month the beginning of which is mercy, the middle of which is forgiveness, and the end of which is freedom from fire.”

— Prophet Muhammad ﷺ

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