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  1. Salaam.
    I want to thank you for helping me understand the significance and importance of spirituality. I am new to Islam having only performed Shahada 1 month ago, your videos have helped me a great deal by explaining that there is far more to being a muslim than performing rituals only. I sometimes struggle to find Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta’ala in my heart, to connect during prayer but you have helped me. Thank you.

    1. Alhamdulillah, praise be to God, Allah Almighty, and peace and blessings upon the Messenger ﷺ, and upon all prophets of the Eternal. Congratulations, Todd, and thank you for sharing. May He Almighty continue to bless, guide and illuminate your path and awaken your heart. We look forward to staying connected with you. To your divine and eternal success.

  2. im from malaysia,i listen your guided meditation,when i close my eye close i felt like something keep disturbing me like when im being ruqyah,and my body feel tingling when meditate,is that normal??help me sir

    1. Peace and greetings, brother Muhammad. Meditation is nothing other than relaxation, and when practiced properly, should simply provide deep rest and relief. If you are experiencing any type of adverse effects, I suggest stopping your practice until you can sit and study directly with a teacher.

  3. Alhamdu Lillah and i sincerely thank you for you efforts to remind the believers of their purpose.

    1. Thank you, Mohamed, may Allah Almighty keep us firm and focused upon our true purpose and the best means to walk the path. Blessed regards.

  4. Thank you Brother Ihsan for your Efforts explaining what exactly Islam is and The Concept of God Allah The Creator
    I’ve enjoyed listening to you sounds very beautiful 😍 your words reached my Heart.
    Bless you

    1. Alhamdulillah, Allah Kareem. Thank you for your positive thoughts and prayers, sister Fatima. May the light and peace of God always be with you. To your divine and eternal success.

  5. Oh Thank you Dear Brother Ihsan, these videos are so amazing! I took shahadah a few years ago, however, the rote prayers and coldness at the mosque were just not enough to nurish my soul and eventually, I kept searching. Finally, coming in contact with the Sufi poets and saints, I began to get a taste of what my soul was yearning for, to find its Way Home to the Presence of Allah in this life. These videos are speaking so very much to my soul. May Allah Bless you Forever for your dedication, works and charity of spirit to all of us, your spiritually-starving sisters and brothers. We are benefiting greatly.

    1. Subhanallah, wal-hamdulillah. Glory, praise and love be to our Lord and Creator, our Cherisher and Sustainer. Thank you for sharing, dear sister Shanti. We are here to support in any way we can, and pray for the Almighty to continue to guide your heart and your steps Home and deeper into His Divine and Eternal Presence of Light and Love. Welcome.

  6. Salam Alyikum . Coulf you recommend a source to find out more about the life of our Prophet Muhammed PBUH? I can’t find some of the words of Prophet Muhammed PBUH that you Quote in the Quran. I know there are other sources about his life but there are so many sects and sources in Islam, I’d really appreciate a pointer to one or two books from you. Thank you Brother. May Allah continue to bless you and your work .

    1. Blessed salaams, peace and light, Laura. Allahumma ameen, may Allah Almighty accept your dua and guide us each to His divine pleasure. I would recommend Muhammad: A Prophet for Our Time by Karen Armstrong. It is good and accessible work on the Prophet ﷺ. To your divine and eternal success.

  7. Salam Ihsan!

    This video is probably one of the best ones I have watched. However, there is a constant nagging questions behind my mind:
    Why surrender if I have been given the choice not to?
    I know that surrender results in eternal peace, and that eventually we will all be surrendered onto the divine will; yet my mind is persistently saying why do something when you don’t have to (at the present moment)? The crux of what I am trying to hint at is:

    How do I generate the willpower to surrender?

    1. Saalam Jahin, peace and light, and Ramadan Mubarak. Allah Almighty says in the Holy Qur’an, “There is no compulsion in religion,” [2:256]. That being said, for the Muslim, there are two aspects to this question for they who have embraced and accepted al-Islam as their life path.

      One relates to surrendering outwardly, meaning to obey and follow the basic conditions of the faith, namely to adhere to and carry the basic 5 Pillars, which are to affirm the Oneness of God and the prophethood of the Messenger ﷺ, keep the 5 daily prayers, pay the zakat, fast in Ramadan and and perform the Hajj if able at least once in your lifetime.

      These are required for every believer, at the bare minimum purely because they have been enjoined upon us by our Creator, the Lord of Heavens and Earth, He Almighty Who has given us life and breath, and Who continues to sustain us with light and love. It is important for us in the least to be grateful and mindful of He Almighty who is preserving us. In fact, in Islam, disbelief is equated with ingratitude.

      Secondly, surrender is inward and internal, meaning to be in a state of psychological and emotional surrender. This is what deepens our faith and takes us from Islam to Iman, from being a “Muslim” to being a “Mu’min,” a true believer. This is entirely up to you, and you can choose to learn to live in a state of surrender, which will lead to peace and prosperity in both this life and the next, or one can choose to remain in a state of internal resistance, thereby failing to ever make their Islam real, and perpetuating pain and suffering in their lives.

      We must remember that al-Islam is a gift and entirely for our benefit. To learn, understand, strive and evolve benefits you, and who reneges does so only to their own detriment.

      Currently in our world, humans are caught in ever-escalating cycles of stress, depression and loss of purpose. To follow prophetic guidance and revealed revelation is for our benefit.

      Hope that helps answer your question. In God’s divine light, grace and guidance.

  8. Aslamualikum wa Rahmatullhi wa Barakatahu brthr Ihsan.

    My thirst has been quenched. Subhan Allah
    I have been listening to your podcasts that lead me to learn more. This truth is so clear it’s what my soul has been seeking and yearning . I have been in search for the truth for along time. I have fallen into hypocrisy in deep conflict because of me being in such confused state. Things around me just caused pain and emptiness.
    I’ve been considered odd and mad because of what my inner calling was demanding.
    Today I have found like minded souls. Who I have connected with. Islam! The real Islam
    The peace and calmness I feel words can’t describe.
    I have found my family. Alhamdullillah I’m in Awe and deep gratitude, not deserving of such privilege and honour.
    It will take some time to apprehend and absorb.
    Thankyou. May Allah put barakah in this beautiful movement and make us all individuals who are as passionate as you in making this dynamic change. A step towards the Golden Age. Insha Allah.

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