A leading-edge course based on the pioneering work by Imam Fode Drame.

Discover Your Place In The Universe

Stop acting so small. You are the universe in ecstatic motion.

Rumi (qs)

The great mystic and poet Rumi (qs) stated, “You are the Universe in ecstatic motion,” yet the world conditions us into forgetfulness and sleep known as ghaflah, and so we live our lives strangers to ourselves and unawakened to our divine purpose.

In this leading-edge course based on the pioneering work by Imam Fode Drame, you will rediscover who you are as a trustee and divine deputy of God, deeply and fundamentally connected to the Universe through the expansion of Sacred Breath known as Ruh al-Quds, and that in this is the secret to your honored and noble existence.

“Simply Mind-Blowing”

One of the most enlightening courses I have ever taken. Amazing!

Rauf (United States)

Rejuvenate Your Heart and Soul

 Evolutionary Concepts and Principles
 Deepen Your Connection to the Universe
 Expand Your Level of Awareness
 Awaken Your Heart and Soul
 Develop Your Spiritual Path and Practice
 Discover the Power of Sacred Breath

In Rejuvenation of the Soul, you will rediscover how deeply connected you are to a living and ever expanding Universe as an honored and noble Deputy of the Divine.

This leading-edge course presents evolutionary content that will awaken and rejuvenate your heart and soul. I look forward to supporting you in the most exciting experience.

Course Curriculum

Rejuvenation of the Soul is a comprehensive course based upon the pioneering work by Imam Fode Drame (h), and each lesson corresponds to a chapter in the original work. Following is a detailed lesson plan.

Section 1: The Human Heart

01: Expansion and the Heart

Discover the central importance of the heart as the foundation of health and happiness.

  • The centrality of the heart in the physical and spiritual life of an entity.
  • The consciousness of all created things including the very heavens and earth.
  • The two oceans of creation.
  • The secret of the letters nun and ba in the creation and manifestation of the Universe.
  • The internal realities and states of both heaven and hell.

02: Expansion and Our Universe

Learn about the sacred relationship between Divine Breath and the expansion of your heart.

  • The ever-expanding nature of the Universe.
  • The eternally evolving relationship between consciousness and creation.
  • The power of Divine Breath in the act of creation.
  • The connection to the heavens as the basis for channeling light into the world.
  • The role of prophets, messengers and saints in the expansion and awakening of the Universe.

03: Expansion and the Increase of Knowledge

Learn how to support your evolution through the sincere seeking of knowledge.

  • The ever-expanding depth of knowledge.
  • The ever-evolving nature of consciousness.
  • The thinning of the veils between the worlds of form and spirit.
  • The importance and meaning of the “West.”
  • The cumulative and progressive history of revelation.

04: Expansion and Love

Learn how to bridge the distance between your heart and the hearts of all others.

  • The secret and reality of communication.
  • The power of love to motivate, inspire and pull towards goodness.
  • The ever-evolving power and depth of true love.
  • The reality of love as light, and light as love.
  • The power, beauty and grace of humility in the Divine Presence of God.

05: Expansion and Trust

Begin to experience a greater level of oneness and wholeness with the Universe.

  • The fundamental unity of Life and the Universe.
  • The ego and mind’s dependence upon separation.
  • The heart and soul’s longing for unity and oneness.
  • Rising and awakening to God-consciousness (ma’rifah).
  • The vital importance of a living connection and lineage to divine knowledge.

06: The Human Heart

Learn how to expand your heart’s capacity to carry the Divine Trust (al-Amaanah).

  • The human heart’s unique capacity to carry the divine secrets of God.
  • The relationship between faith, trust and love.
  • The power of trust, reliance, faith and submission.
  • Love as the fuel that sustains growth and practice.
  • The power of suhba, or companionship with believers upon the path.

07: Trust and Love

Discover the deeper realities of the Divine Trust entrusted to humanity.

  • The secret of success and the power of love.
  • How to carry the Divine Trust.
  • The company of the Trustworthy as mentioned in the Holy Qur’an.
  • How to identify true guides to God.
  • The paradox and pitfalls of the path of sacred knowledge.

08: The Trustee and the Trust

Learn what it means to be a trustee and true servant of God.

  • The secret of khilafah, or divine deputyship.
  • The living nature of the Universe and the importance of sacred breath.
  • The secret of the Holy Spirit (Ruh al-Quddus) and the Divine Breath of God.
  • Becoming a vessel and portal for divine light.
  • The sacred struggle against the self (Jihad al-Akbar).

09: Adam, Between Faith and Knowledge

Awaken your capacity to carry Sacred Breath and be supported by the Holy Spirit.

  • The relationship between Ruh al-Quddus and Divine Deputyship.
  • The key and secret to facing life’s challenges and problems.
  • The inherent danger and pitfall in the spiritual path itself.
  • The unique speciality of the time and age we currently live in.
  • The relationship between fitrah and spiritual alignment with the Divine.

10: The Holy Spirit and Knowledge

Discover the spiritual relationship between the Holy Spirit and knowledge.

  • Learn to expand your reservoir and capacity for light, love and knowledge.
  • The secret of Sacred Breath in the expansion of the heart and soul.
  • Awakening the heart and its faculties of sight, hearing and knowledge.
  • The preeminent power of being rooted in the present moment.
  • The relationship between gratitude and sacred knowledge.

Section II: Hajj and the Journey Home

In Section II of the Rejuvenation of the Soul course, we dive into the deeper dimensions of the journey Home to the Divine Presence of God and provide a structured framework in actualizing the path with excellence and with success.

Part 01

  • The pilgrimage as a persistent spiritual practice and the first Station of Hajj.
  • The importance of tawbah, or repentance and turning towards God.
  • The importance of niyah, or intention.
  • The importance of hijrah, or migration for the sake of God and His Messenger ﷺ.
  • The importance of barakah, or spiritual blessings.

Part 02

  • Salah as the Second Station of the Hajj.
  • The preeminence of seeking ridwaan, or the pleasure of God.
  • The vital importance of dhikr in awakening to eternal life and consciousness.
  • The Two Oceans of experience and the importance of transcending dunya.
  • The importance of Allahu Akbar, or affirming the Greatness of God.

Part 03

  • Zakah, or purification as the Third Station of the Hajj.
  • The importance of purification in our consumption to attain health and success.
  • The importance of zuhd, or spiritual asceticism in attaining strength and success.
  • The inherent danger of sensuality in veiling and obscuring spirituality and truth.
  • The importance of adab, or excellence in etiquette and conduct to succeed.

Much More…

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— Rain (United States)

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