Learn How to Transcend Level 1 State Consciousness

Eternal Warrior Way Program : Overcoming the Gut

Gut-level consciousness, or Level 1 State Consciousness, is the first stage that must be overcome and transcended in jihad an-nafs, the holy and sacred struggle against the self towards attaining the pleasure and the presence of God Almighty. By learning how to discipline the lower desires of the self particularly with regards to hunger, thirst and procreation, we learn to bring … Read More

Learn to Transcend Suffering Through Stillness

Eternal Warrior Way : The Two Sources of Suffering

Throughout the Holy Qur’an, Allah Almighty mentions fear and grief consistently as the two sources of suffering for human beings, and the resultant experience when we are out of alignment with Divine Will. In this training video as part of the Eternal Warrior Way Program, you will learn about the relationship between time and suffering, the necessity of increasingly transcending and awakening beyond … Read More

Awaken to Level 3 State Consciousness

The Holy Qur’an refers to three distinct levels of consciousness, or states of the self, corresponding to the particular potentialities within the human being to live and act out of multiple levels and localizations of awareness. In this training module, you will learn about the three fundamental states of consciousness, the corresponding aspects of our beings with which they are … Read More