Laylatul Raghaib, Suggested Practices and Amaal

Islamic spirituality is designed to provide continual opportunities to cultivate a greater level of consciousness and intention, for remembrance, awakening and presence. One such occasion is Laylatul Raghaib (also spelled Ragha’ib), which falls on the evening of the first Thursday of the Holy Month of Rajab. Such opportunities are not only valuable for spiritual development, but they are essential, for … Read More

10 Reasons for Fasting in Ramadan

The reasons for fasting in Ramadan are innumerable, however in this article, I present 10 powerful reasons for fasting in Ramadan. By consciously aligning your intention with these 10 reasons for fasting in Ramadan, you position yourself to get the most out of this divine spiritual practice, and so to truly progress in your personal growth and spiritual evolution. What … Read More