Podcast: How to Represent Islam

Islam is nearly universally misunderstood in the modern world, and as Muslims, it is imperative to ask, “What is the most effective way to represent Islam truly?” Islam is understood primarily as a cultural identity and a dogmatic belief system by the majority of Muslims, rather than the living spiritual path of awakening and enlightenment it truly is, and as … Read More

Podcast: The Soul of Islam

In this first episode of Soul of Islam Radio, Ahmad and I discuss the deeper meaning of the “Soul of Islam,” as well as our hopes and vision for the podcast. I share that Islam without spirituality is not unlike a body without a soul, and that the religion only truly comes to life when the inner dimension is embraced and honored … Read More

Soul of Islam Radio World Premier Launch

Soul of Islam Radio is a leading-edge radio program that will support your personal growth and spiritual development, and will cover a variety of relevant topics in the fields of spirituality and science, health and wellness, family and relationships, society and culture, ecology and the environment, and much, much more. Soul of Islam Radio Soul of Islam Radio is currently available on iTunes, … Read More

Spiritual Seclusion: Khalwa in Islam

Towards the goal of attaining enlightenment and a deeper connection with the Divine Presence of God, one of the most powerful spiritual practices in Islam is that of khalwa, or spiritual seclusion. Khalwa was practiced by the Prophet Muhammad (S) througout his life, both before and after receiving revelation. In fact, it was during immersions in khalwa that the Prophet … Read More

The Islamic Golden Age

Often, when we think of the Islamic Golden Age, we tend to think of the past. Muslims, when invoking the glory and splendor of the Islamic Golden Age, are quick to point out the numerous and significant achievements of the inspired Muslim sages of history. Yet few seem to see the cause and impetus that led to, fueled and propelled … Read More