Shaykh Nazim: Be Humble in Your Teaching

[hr] The fountain of wisdom is the heart, not the mind. As long as you are giving lessons from your mind, you and the people you are addressing are on the same level, and so you cannot teach them anything. To teach the teachings of Allah and His Prophet ﷺ, you must have learned to teach with your heart. — … Read More

Shaykh Nazim: Be Humble in Your Worship

[hr] Every religion teaches people to be humble, but the ego, the nafs, always likes to show itself off as being the best, the most excellent, the most learned and most competent person of all. That is the basic mistake of the ego, and the Prophet ﷺ was sent to liberate people from the bonds of such foolish thoughts. The most … Read More

Shaykh Nazim: Patience is the Key to Faith

[hr] You must know that every time you confront a disliked event with steadfastness, you are improving spiritually, moving powerfully and deliberately towards your destination, and the more trying the event, the more quickly you are propelled to your destination. You must know that every goodness is going to appear through your patience in the face of disliked actions or events. … Read More