Podcast: The Divine Decree and Destiny

The concept and principle of destiny is of such importance in Islam that it constitutes one of the very Articles of Faith, and is thus an affirmation of the divine power, omnipotence and glory of God the Creator. A proper understanding of destiny and decree is essential to a life of balance and walking the subtle and straight path of Islam that leads … Read More

How to Have an Amazing Ramadan

The spiritual energy and activity of Ramadan is unparalleled, as is the opportunity to leverage the strength and support of community. Learn how to have an amazing Ramadan with the following suggestions and get the most out of the most incredible time of entire year. The Prophet Muhammad (saws) greatly emphasized the importance of engaging with the community in a positive … Read More

10 Reasons for Fasting in Ramadan

The reasons for fasting in Ramadan are innumerable, however in this article, I present 10 powerful reasons for fasting in Ramadan. By consciously aligning your intention with these 10 reasons for fasting in Ramadan, you position yourself to get the most out of this divine spiritual practice, and so to truly progress in your personal growth and spiritual evolution. What … Read More