Podcast: The Light of Muhammad (saws)

There are many spiritual paths, yet the Abrahamic lineage of prophets is based specifically upon reconnecting humanity to the Divine Presence and Light of God, and to the greatest realization of human potential as spiritual beings of blessed and pure divine light. This noble lineage of prophets from Abraham (as), continuing through his sons Ishmael (as) and Isaac (as), progressively reaching perfection through … Read More

Podcast: The Life and Legacy of Moses

Moses, known in Arabic as Musa (as), like Noah, Abraham, Jesus and the Prophet Muhammad, divine peace and blessings be upon all the Messengers of God, is also known as one of the 5 Great Prophets of Islam, the Ulul ‘Azam. Perhaps more than any other prophet, Moses (as) is mentioned through the Qur’an, numerous examples from his life and legacy remembered to … Read More