Shaykh Nazim: Be Humble in Your Worship

[hr] Every religion teaches people to be humble, but the ego, the nafs, always likes to show itself off as being the best, the most excellent, the most learned and most competent person of all. That is the basic mistake of the ego, and the Prophet ﷺ was sent to liberate people from the bonds of such foolish thoughts. The most … Read More

Podcast: Emotional Freedom

When well understood and practiced, Islamic spirituality results in what may be termed emotional freedom, a state in which we attain freedom and independence from the negative emotions that arise as a result of the conditioned and misprogrammed human mind. Islam in essence is a path of personal transformation based upon divine revelation in the understanding that the will of the Divine … Read More

Why Worship Allah?

“And I have created the jinn and men but to worship Me.” — Surah adh-Dhariyat (Qur’an, 51:56) The Holy Qur’an states that human beings (and jinn) are created but for worship. Yet why worship Allah, God? Yes, one can certainly state that the reason why we worship Allah is simply because he has ordered or recommended it. Yet it is always … Read More