It is our goal with Spiritual Excellence and IHYA Foundation to bring leading-edge content and applications to the market, and in doing so, to make a real and definitive positive impact in your life and in the world in which we live.

We believe that by helping you live your best life possible in accordance with divinely revealed spiritual principles of success, and that by cultivating positive energy and light, you not only experience life on this plane as you were meant to, but you also best prepare for eternity while you directly contribute to a better world here and now, and you thus become part of the awakening of human beings to their greatest and noblest possibilities.

Towards this goal and vision, there are many projects and resources that we would like to bring to light, and in order to do so, we want to begin reaching out first and foremost to you, those whom we have attracted to our work and who resonate with our mission, as we seek out talent to help us create the best possible products, content and applications available for the awakening of human potential.

Audio Production Specialist

Currently, we are seeking an audio production specialist with experience in digital audio and music production.

If you or someone you know has a digital audio production background and may be interested in working with us on an innovative new solution, please let us know.

If God Almighty wills, I look forward to being in touch and potentially working together on an exciting new project that will be the first of its kind, with His grace, power and light.

To your divine and eternal success.