Awakening Human Potential with Sayyida Bano

Awakenings Academy : Awakening Human Potential with Sayyida Bano

In this Awakenings Academy Group Coaching Call, we are joined by sister Sayyida Bano, a personal coach and trainer based in England, the UK.

In working with clients within the community, sister Sayyida extensively experiences the degree to which limiting beliefs and problematic programming and conditioning affects human beings in their circumstances and results.

Please join us in this illuminating session as we discuss the role of the subconscious mind, ego and identity, how limiting beliefs are formed and what is required to move past them, the importance of seeking knowledge and coaching when necessary, the necessity of personal responsibility in our lives so as to become empowered and effective, the importance of goals and vision  in the different dimensions and aspects of our lives, and much more.

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