Masterclass : Awakening Vital Life Force with Dr. Daud Scott

Awakening Vital Life Force with Dr. Daud Scott

Not only is a holistic and healthy approach to health and wellness an essential component of the Sunnah of Rasulullah ﷺ, it is also a vital dimension of awakening latent human potential, cultivating awareness and consciousness, and truly progressing upon the spiritual path.

In this leading-edge masterclass with holistic nutritionist and wellness practitioner, Dr. Daud Scott, you will learn about the importance of taking personal responsibility with regards to your health and wellness, how your physical condition affects your mental and emotional state, the relationship between Vital Life Force and consciousness, the inherent healing potential of natural foods, herbs and supplements, the effects of toxicity on the psyche and the soul, the importance of assimilation, synthesis and increasing bioavailability of nutrients in food, the spiritual precedent in the conscious and compassionate raising and handling of food, the necessity of self-care and self-love on the path to healing, health and wholeness, the importance of hydration, the power of gratitude, and much, much more.

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  1. Thank you, brother Ihsan, for introducing Dr. Daud Scott. It was a very informative call and truly explains the Holistic life one must lead. Eating foods rich in “life force” is not only important for our physical body, but also for our emotional, energetic and spiritual growth and vitality. Coming from a land of Ayurveda I had knowledge of this perception of food, which is termed “sattvic” here. It was enlightening to hear the connection to Islam and the Prophet’s way of life and it is imperative for all Muslims to practice and perfect this in our lives. Muslims the world over are known to cook the tastiest food, but we should now strive to be known as people who not only cook tasty, but healthy and holistic food as well. Ameen.

    Reaching for my bottle of water now 🙂

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      Most welcome, sister Naila, and thank you for sharing your insights and feedback. Sidi Daud is not only a dear friend, but a passionate advocate for health, wellness and excellence in the global community.

      We are hoping that our community will again lead in all fields of knowledge, and that this will awaken within our world a desperately needed renaissance of hope, light, love, beauty and belief. Best and most blessed regards.

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      Bless you, brother Ibrahim. We are very happy to have you with us and pray you will be a source of light, knowledge, love and wisdom for your community. To your divine and eternal success.

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