Expansion of the Heart with Imam Fode Drame

Imam Fode Drame is a contemporary guide and teacher of classical Islamic spirituality and discipline, and in this illuminating interview with Soul of Islam Radio, shares secrets of sacred knowledge that re-establish spirituality as the fundamental foundation of Islam.

Imam Fode explains that the spiritual path and journey of the holy and blessed Prophet Muhammad ﷺ progressed through three essential stages of development, and that this divinely ordained precedent sets the model upon which the believer must based his or her personal path and journey in seeking to develop a true, real and authentic faith-based experience and connection with the Creator.

Imam Fode Drame also elaborates upon the necessity of the practice of khalwa, or seclusion based in meditation, reflection and remembrance, to develop the inner stillness necessary to progressively awaken to the Divine Presence of God.

Additionally, Imam Fode explains the importance of support and companionship upon the spiritual path, and that the guidance of a qualified teacher who has personally walked in the way of self-purification is absolutely essential for the sincere seeker. He also describes the key qualities necessary in an authentic teacher and how to go about finding a qualified guide.

Imam Fode Drame, who teaches extensively on the deeper meanings of the Holy Qur’an, also reminds us that it is iman, or true faith and belief, that is the key to accessing the authentic message of the sacred scripture. He explains that it is sincerity, surrender and humility that leads to the expansion of the heart and the developing of such faith and spiritual presence.

Imam Fode Drame is the founder of Zawiyah Foundation based in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, and is the author of numerous books on Qur’anic exegesis. He is also the creator of Al-Qalam magazine and the founder of the Qawsain Knowledge House, a primary education institution that provides a wholistic and balanced education to young children. To learn more abut Imam Fode, please visit his website Zawiyah Foundation.

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  1. I qout: to seek knowledge is a matter of most which one can’t underestimated its value,with good knowledge we can understand our religion Islam best,that can be achievable through a right sources , from the right place and from the right person’s

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