Guided Meditation: Relax in Divine Surrender

The Islamic Meditation Audio Experience Soundtracks have been specially designed to take advantage of subtle and unique audio properties, and are best experienced using headphones.

Because of the nature of the Guided Meditation Soundtracks and the effect they have on one’s subconscious, they will have additional benefit when listened to just before sleeping at night.

By allowing the mind to absorb positive programming as the last activity before sleeping, your time spent in rest will result in a powerful reprogramming of the neural connections that form the brain to better reflect Truth and a reality based in Peace and Prosperity.

That being said, feel free to take advantage of the Guided Islamic Meditation Audio Experience at any time.

  1. Sit or Lay Comfortably
  2. Wear Headphones
  3. Close Your Eyes
  4. Relax and Breathe Gently

Islamic Meditation DOWNLOAD AUDIO

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  1. Dear brother Ihsan,

    Once I closed my eyes and gone into my heart I felt fear. A good human should not find fear in its own heart, right?
    But at the same fear brought me here and I am seeking for the light. Hoping to find the light at the same source of fear. Insallah!

    Enjoying this journey very much!!

  2. In the second week of the program I am waking up early in the night and can t get any sleep. It feels like I am having a mind explosion. And having lots of energy. The mind is catching up the first week and thinking non stop. The first week I managed to have control over my mind. I am familiar with this thinking issue. It feels like my mind wants to be part of the game…is there an explanation for this situation? Many thanks!

  3. Salam MashaAllah. this is amazing. I was wondering the LOA course that you have, does that include meditation.


  4. May Allah Azzawajal bless you reward you and make you successful for making us feel we are in the presence of Allah SWT and our Nabi SWA. My battle I am on the edge of nawama to muthmahina. Allah has blessed me to find your program to help me with this journey. I was at muthmhina stage when I asked myself ok I have arrived at this stage now can I remain in that stage if I get married and have children in-laws and work? It was 36 year journey I went from muthmahina to nawama. Your story about shaitan helped me to understand that Allah took me on this journey to bring everything to surface. InshAllah with Allahs help your guidance I can go back to Muthmahina but through understaning this time.
    Jizzakum Allah khairen

    1. Post

      Thank you dear Afroze for your kind duas and your support of our programs and courses. May Allah Almighty make easy for you the path, remove obstacles from the way and guide you to that with which He is most pleased. To your divine and eternal success.

  5. Alhamdulillah syukur Ya Allah for this beautiful short courses about Islamic Meditation. Thank you and May Allah bless you and your team. I must say i needed this more than anything and I hope one day I will be able to learn directly from you Ihsan for I have been in search of a good teacher for a while now. I have had a bit of spiritual experience in 2004 before the tsunami that strikes Acheh. My late father has advised me to find a good teacher. But with little knowledge of Islam, and being a single woman, it makes the task more difficult. I am from Malaysia and yes I so much would like to learn Tasawwuf inshallah. I will try and meditate with the audio guidance soon Inshallah one sweet day. May Allah bless you and your team and grant your wishes and give you Jannah. Ameen

  6. Salaams Ustaad Ji:)

    Thank you so much for the program…SubhaanAllah, I am blown away by the way you have set up the meditational program…I have listened to hundreds of meditational videos over the years, hoping something will stir my heart to open once again, none have been able to touch my heart as much as this has…I love the simplisty of the music, relaxing yet has a beat that uplifts at the same time…The strength of your voice aIso compliments the audio not over powering the message or music but giving out strength of faith…I am looking forwards to the rest of the programme and the new year ahead…May Allah almighty carry on to bless you and your team…Alhamdulillah you are changing lives…

    Fi AmmanAllah
    Your student

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