Awakenings Academy : The Necessity of Seeking Sources of Light

The Necessity of Seeking Sources of Light

The blessed and noble Messenger of God ﷺ sought to establish a community of light and beauty that would be home to the remembrance of God and the company of His angels.

Allah Almighty is the Light, and His Light and Presence can only be contained by the hearts of true believers. Thus, in the hearts of sincere human beings does the Almighty preserve the religion and the way of excellence and spirituality.

In seeking the Light and Presence of God, it is incumbent upon seekers to journey for the sake of knowledge and to search for the true and blessed believers who are carrying the reality of the path, and to seek to establish communities of light as did the Prophet ﷺ in the holy city of Madinah al-Munawarra.

In this Awakenings Academy Group Coaching Call, we discuss the importance of seeking out sources of heavenly light, the inherent danger of formal knowledge, the unique importance of Prophet Jesus (as) in this day and age, how to avoid the errors of the previous nations and communities through the path of self-purification and the development of sincerity, the vanity of the love of the world, the necessity of an enlightened warrior class, and much more.

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