Workshop: Experiencing the Deeper Dimensions of Islam

March 23-24. Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

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A New Foundation in Understanding Islam

You are invited to join us for a live two-day workshop, March 23-24 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

During this two-day workshop, we will be studying the Hadith of Jibril (as), which is sometimes referred to as the "Mother of All Ahadith," and widely recognized by scholars as one of the most important narrations of prophetic tradition ever recorded.

This remarkable tradition provides a comprehensive foundation in understanding the complete religious and spiritual path towards the goal of awakening as established by God and His Final Messenger ﷺ, also known as attaining to the state of taqwa.

In addition to formal instruction and study, we will be engaged in extensive meditative and spiritual practice to make real and experiential the prophetic path of spiritual excellence that leads to an awakened state of taqwa, in which the believer is connected and anchored to the Divine Presence of God.

Furthermore, as a special guest, we will be joined by Sheikha Maryam Kabeer, author of Journey Through Ten Thousand Veils, who in addition to conducting sessions for the workshop will also be doing a book sharing at the event as the new version of her book is going into print.

Lastly, but certainly not least, while tuition for a two-day workshop such as this and including meals normally costs $195 to attend, thanks to the generous support of our local host, sister Uzma Khan, tuition will be subsidized for this event and available for a fraction of normal pricing. That being said, donations of love and support are welcome and will be accepted to help offset costs.

All are welcome to join us including those who are just learning about Islam and the prophetic path, and all that is required is an open heart and a sincere intention to learn and to absorb light. Please note that space is limited and it is recommended to make your reservation as soon as possible to ensure you have a seat.

I look forward to meeting and connecting with you in person. To your divine and eternal success.


“If anyone pursues a path in search of knowledge, God will thereby make easy for him a path to paradise.”

Prophet Muhammad ﷺ [Abu Dawud]

Event Details


This two-day workshop will be led by Ihsan and Sheikha Maryam Kabeer.

Sheikha Maryam Kabeer

Sheikh Maryam Kabeer is the author of Journey Through Ten Thousand Veils, and a lifelong seeker, student and now guide and teacher of the spiritual path.

She has kept the company of and inherited the wisdom and light of numerous spiritual teachers, including the late Bawa Muhaiyadeen (ra), and now spends a significant portion of her time and energy in supporting others upon the spiritual path towards the Divine Presence of God.

In addition to sharing from her extensive travels and experiences, Sheikha Maryam will be present at this workshop to guide individuals in personal healing from trauma so as to support the return to the state of fitra in which we were created whole, complete and connected to God.

Emil Ihsan-Alexander Torabi

Emil Ihsan-Alexander Torabi

Ihsan is a Personal Coach, the creator of Soul of Islam Radio, and the founder of the Spiritual Excellence Program which includes numerous leading-edge educational courses, programs and resources including the pioneering Islamic Meditation Program.

He is committed to creating and providing evolutionary content and resources to support the community in deepening the experience of spiritual practice and in making a positive impact in the world towards the revival of a culture of excellence and light.


Thanks to the generosity of a local host who has made it possible to hold an event at this location, tuition is subsidized and available for a limited time at a fraction of normal fees. Donations of love and support, however, will be accepted to help offset costs.

Please note that space is limited and we can only host a limited number guests. Registration will only be open as long as there is space, so please RSVP as soon as you are able to ensure you can join us, and only if you are certain you will be attending.

If you do register but are unable to attend for any reason, please let us know as soon as possible so that we can make your spot available for someone else who may be on the waiting list.


This event is made possible by the generous support of our local host, Dr. Uzma Khan, who has selflessly taken it upon herself to cover basic expenses. We ask that you include her and her family in your prayer and supplications.

The desire to have this gathering came about as a result of my own quest in trying to find meaning, peacefulness and resilience in a life which often demands, distracts and disappoints.

Mindfulness — being present in the present moment — was the stepping stone and life lesson in my path. I was reading Eckhart Tolle, Dr. Wayne Dyer and the Qur'an, and also meditating. However, the doors to further insight, light and feeling grounded came when I started with the meditations and teachings from Sidi Ihsan Alexander of Spiritual Excellence.

I was also drawn to the Bawa Muhaiyaddeen fellowship in Philadelphia, and made the connection with Sheilkha Maryam Kabeer there. I am thankful to the Almighty to have found these lamps of light, and as a gesture of having found something beautiful I felt the need to share.

I practice palliative care, and seeing the presence of death so close has brought me closer to appreciating life, a finite existence for all sentient beings. Each life is sacred and I hear my heart echo in the words of Mary Olivers, "Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?"

This here is an oasis for parched souls, and so this retreat came to life.

Dr. Uzma Khan


Hotel Indigo Pittsburgh at Technology Center
329 Technology Dr
Pittsburgh, PA 15219
United States of America


The tentative schedule and itinerary for the workshop is as follows:

Saturday, March 23
  • 11:00am Introductions
  • 11:30am Session 01 (Ihsan)
  • 1:00pm Dhuhr Prayer and Lunch
  • 2:30pm Session 02 (Sheikha Maryam)
  • 4:00pm Asr Prayer and Break
  • 4:30pm Session 03 (Ihsan)
  • 6:00pm Maghrib Prayer and Dhikr
  • 7:00pm Dinner and Book Sharing
Sunday, March 24
  • 5:00am Early Morning Prayers and Meditation
  • 11:00am Duha Prayers and Meditation
  • 11:30am Session 01 (Ihsan)
  • 1:00pm Dhuhr Prayer and Lunch
  • 2:30pm Session 02 (Sheikha Maryam)
  • 4:00pm Asr Prayer and Concluding Duas


Lunch and dinner will be provided on Saturday, and lunch on Sunday. Fare will be vegetarian and seafood.


Please note that lodging will not be provided for this event. Visitors to the area are encouraged to book a reservation at the Hotel Indigo where the event will be taking place, or at a nearby hotel or AirBnB.

Please Bring

  • Pen and Paper
  • Prayer Rug
  • Prayer Beads
  • An Open Heart

Dress Code

Please plan on having loose and comfortable clothing that is in alignment with the basic principles of Islamic modesty for a conducive experience towards spiritual awakening and transcendence of ego-consciousness.

Not only does tight and form-fitting clothing constrict energy flow and circulation, it makes more difficult the expansion of consciousness and liberation from the self that we seek.

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Please use the link below to join us for an exclusive awakening experience over the course of this blessed weekend in the holy lunar month of Rajab.

All are welcome regardless of personal background or experience. All that is required is an open heart and a sincere desire to learn and to absorb light.

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