Seeking Sacred Knowledge with Ustadha Linda Ayyash

Ustadha Linda Ayyash is a student and teacher of sacred knowledge. She has spent most of her life in the pursuit and study of this most noble of all fields of knowledge, and in this interview with Soul of Islam Radio, shares not only her personal experiences in seeking sacred knowledge, but also valuable and key insights and suggestions for … Read More

Podcast: Love in Islam

What is the importance of love in Islam? You may be surprised by what you hear in this special episode of Soul of Islam Radio, in which we discuss the deeper reality of love, its utter importance in the life and spiritual path of the Muslim, and how it is love the propels creation back towards its Absolute Divine Source, the … Read More

Podcast: How to Represent Islam

Islam is nearly universally misunderstood in the modern world, and as Muslims, it is imperative to ask, “What is the most effective way to represent Islam truly?” Islam is understood primarily as a cultural identity and a dogmatic belief system by the majority of Muslims, rather than the living spiritual path of awakening and enlightenment it truly is, and as … Read More

Podcast: Sufism and Islam

In this episode of Soul of Islam Radio, Ahmad and I discuss the topic of Sufism and Islam. You will learn about the origin and meaning of Sufism, its etymological roots and its historical development. We also discuss the vital importance of both the inner and the outer dimensions of religion, the importance of one’s lineage in the transmission of knowledge and of a … Read More

How to Have an Amazing Ramadan

The spiritual energy and activity of Ramadan is unparalleled, as is the opportunity to leverage the strength and support of community. Learn how to have an amazing Ramadan with the following suggestions and get the most out of the most incredible time of entire year. The Prophet Muhammad (saws) greatly emphasized the importance of engaging with the community in a positive … Read More

The Divine Power of Dhikr

The sacred spiritual practice of dhikr, also often spelled as zikr, is a unique energetic exercise originating in Islamic Spirituality, also known as Sufism, which simply means “purification of the self,” and that which constitutes the essence of religion. The goal of Islamic Spirituality is the transcendence of the ego-self, the one veil between the human being and his or her … Read More