Hadith: Haste is from Shaytan

Hadith: Haste is from Shaytan

In a vital hadith, which is a statement or tradition of the Prophet Muhammad ﷺ, he is reported on the authority of Abdullah Muhaimin bin ‘Abbas bin Sahl bin Sa’d as-Saidi as having said, “Calm is from God, and haste is from Shaytan.“ This blessed teaching from the noble Messenger and Prophet of God ﷺ is of particular importance in our current …

Islam and the Law of Attraction

Islam and the Law of Attraction

Although the principles of the Law of Attraction have in recent years become widely popularized by the work of Rhonda Byrne in The Secret, relatively few have as of yet commented on the relationship between Islam and the Law of Attraction. Yet the role of the Law of Attraction in Islam is of paramount importance, and properly understanding the subject …

Awakenings Academy : Awakening Human Potential with Sayyida Bano

Awakening Human Potential with Sayyida Bano

In this Awakenings Academy Group Coaching Call, we are joined by sister Sayyida Bano, a personal coach and trainer based in England, the UK. In working with clients within the community, sister Sayyida extensively experiences the degree to which limiting beliefs and problematic programming and conditioning affects human beings in their circumstances and results. Please join us in this illuminating …

Awakenings Academy : Spiritual Foundations for a Successful Life

Spiritual Foundations for a Successful Life

A proper understanding of faith and spirituality is meant to guide human beings towards health, happiness and true success. Yet unfortunately, when religion is misunderstood and improperly taught or shared, it can become a barrier to the fundamental needs of the human being. In this Awakenings Academy Group Coaching Call, we discuss the importance of integrating your spiritual path with all …

The Goal and Purpose of Islam

In this video, you will learn about the ultimate goal and purpose of al-Islam. Only by sincerely walking the spiritual path of excellence can one thus come to realize his or her divine destiny as an honored and elevated servant and representative of the Divine.

Four Forms of Islamic Meditation

In this video, you will learn about four fundamental forms of meditation within al-Islam. Only by actively and consistently engaging in meditative spiritual practice can we progressively awaken the vision and power of the heart, and so ascend towards the Eternal Divine Presence of God.

The Three Stages of Islam

In this video, you will learn about the three stages of development within al-Islam. Only by seeking to progressively develop and perfect both our faith and our religion can we ultimately reach to its true purpose and destination, which is nothing other than the Divine Presence of God.

Why Do Muslims Go to Hajj in Mecca?

Why Do Muslims Go To Hajj in Mecca?

Every year, millions of Muslims go to Hajj in Mecca, fulfilling one of the Five Pillars of Islam, namely to make the Hajj in the holy and sacred city of Mecca at least once in a lifetime if able to do so. Yet in addition to the requirement of simply fulfilling one of the Five Pillars of Islam, what are …

The Two Dimensions of Islam

In this video, you will learn about the two primary dimensions of al-Islam. Only by honoring and excelling in both dimensions can we reach the goal, which is the Presence of Truth (al-Haqq).

Eternal Warrior Way Program : Overcoming the Gut

Learn How to Transcend Level 1 State Consciousness

Gut-level consciousness, or Level 1 State Consciousness, is the first stage that must be overcome and transcended in jihad an-nafs, the holy and sacred struggle against the self towards attaining the pleasure and the presence of God Almighty. By learning how to discipline the lower desires of the self particularly with regards to hunger, thirst and procreation, we learn to bring …

Awakenings Academy Bonus Content : Al Firdaus Ensemble Live in Granada

Experience Al Firdaus Ensemble Live in Granada

In this rare live recording played for a small and intimate private gathering, Al Firdaus Ensemble plays traditional Islamic songs of praise and poetry in an eclectic blend of varying musical styles, creating a beautiful form of classical composition in a thoroughly modern manifestation. Hailing from diverse backgrounds and ethnicities, Al Firdaus Ensemble is an innovative group bridging the gap …

Awakenings Academy Group Coaching : How to Transcend the Root of All Fear

How Courage Can Free You from Fear

It is only be facing our fears that we can transcend them, for by constantly seeking to escape our fears, we in fact give them more power, energy and reality. The light of consciousness is such that when we learn to simply look at that which we fear and allow it to dissolve, it will naturally lose its power over …

Eternal Warrior Way : The Two Sources of Suffering

Learn to Transcend Suffering Through Stillness

Throughout the Holy Qur’an, Allah Almighty mentions fear and grief consistently as the two sources of suffering for human beings, and the resultant experience when we are out of alignment with Divine Will. In this training video as part of the Eternal Warrior Way Program, you will learn about the relationship between time and suffering, the necessity of increasingly transcending and awakening beyond …

Awakenings Academy Group Coaching Call : The Power of Gratitude to Awaken Presence

Discover Presence with the Power of Gratitude

Faith, or iman, can be equated with gratitude, and disbelief, or kufr, is explicitly equated with ingratitude in the Holy Qur’an. By developing an attitude of gratitude and learning to focus on the positive and what is present rather than what is missing, you restructure your mind to be in harmony and in alignment with the Light and Presence of God, and …

Awaken to Level 3 State Consciousness

The Holy Qur’an refers to three distinct levels of consciousness, or states of the self, corresponding to the particular potentialities within the human being to live and act out of multiple levels and localizations of awareness. In this training module, you will learn about the three fundamental states of consciousness, the corresponding aspects of our beings with which they are …